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Setting up a competition?

If you are unsure if you need a competition permit or would like somone to manage a competition, you have come to the right place.

Here's how we can help:

• We can help you design a competition that will work;
• We can provide you with a responsive entry page or Premium SMS number.
• We will draft competition terms and conditions;
• We will apply for and obtain the competition permits you require;
• We can help you promote your competition;
• We can conduct an electronic draw on your behalf.
• We will notify your winners and arrange for the prize to be delivered.

Running a competition or trade promotion can be an effective way of generating interest in your brand, increasing sales and generating a potential customer database.

When are competition permits required?

Competitions can either be based on skill or on chance. A competition that is based purely on skill, where winners are determined by qualified judges will not require a competition permit. Common examples of skill-based competitions include those that ask entrants to answer a question in 25 words or less or to submit a photo which is then judged.

Chance-based competitions typically involve a draw. Chance-based competitions typically require competition permits.

Any competition that includes a draw, or has an element of chance involved in determining the winners, will require a competition permit from at least NSW and the ACT, if conducted in those states. If you are giving away a total of more than $5,000 you may also need a competition permit from SA, VIC and WA.

Whether you run a skill-based competition or a chance-based competition you need to ensure that the competition you run is compliant with current competitions regulations. This is where Permitz Group come in. We offer an online competition permitapplication service from design, competition permits, to winner notification.

Permitz will draft terms and conditions that cover your competition or consumer promotion. They will then obtain competition or lottery permits on your behalf. Be careful if you are considering using template terms and conditions for your competition, as they will not consider the specifics of your competition.

Premium SMS numbers

Premium SMS competitions can generate revenue via each entry received. Permitz can set up a Premium SMS number on your behalf and will send you a cheque at the end of the competition for any revenue received!

Permitz will be significantly less expensive than any competitor when setting up a Premium SMS shortcode, obtaining competition permits, and conducting an electronic competition draw on your behalf.

Examples of our work

We have obtained competition permits/ trade promotion permits for some of Australia's largest brands, including: ASICS, Sony, Suzuki, Cathay Pacific, Boost, Hyundai, French Connection and Seed. Here are some of the competitions we have assisted with: